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05 Mar

We are now AutomationCore!

by Benjiin InfusionSoft

Infusionsoft is growing and with the newest release coming very soon, they're going to be bigger and better than ever. Because of all their amazing forward momentum, we needed to change our name from Infusioncore in order to avoid confusion in the marketplace.

So we took this as a sign to not only rebrand, but to revamp our entire business. We asked our customers what they needed from a full-service marketing automation company. We took their suggestions, added a few ideas of our own, and completely reworked our offerings from the ground up. We think you're going to be as excited as we are about what's new.

New look

We've got a brand new name, new website, and a whole new look. AutomationCore now has two divisions - the software division and the consulting division. You'll be able to get the same great marketing automation products, plus we can build custom integrations with Infusionsoft to help solve your company's biggest marketing headaches. Just want help making Infusionsoft work more efficiently for your business? We've got that covered, too.

New Infusionsoft consulting services

Our new consulting division is built around assisting you with all your marketing automation needs. We can help you develop campaigns, sales pipelines and automated marketing maps with Infusionsoft. We can also look at your existing marketing and help make it better. All our services are based on giving you the highest return on your investment.

New products coming soon

Shhh, they're still secret. But you're going to love the new Infusionsoft add-on products and product upgrades we've got in the works. It won't be long now; keep your eyes on this blog for new product announcements.

New conversion and implementation partners

As a part of our rebranding, we decided to get our sister companies in on the action. We now have three integrated companies to help you with automation, conversion optimization, and website development and marketing implementation.

  • AutomationCore covers Infusionsoft add-ons, custom integrations and certified Infusionsoft consulting to help you map out and implement your automation plans.
  • ConversionCore is a high-end conversion rate consulting company focusing on bringing high return on investment for online lead generation and ecommerce businesses.
  • ClickCore is our web development team. They can build you a website, handle your graphic design needs, write copy for your site or your automated sales sequences and much more.

No matter how successful you are in your business right now, there's always room for more growth. We specialize in automation solutions that allow you to expand quickly, while reducing those redundant, time-consuming marketing tasks as much as possible.

Give us a call. We're looking forward to helping your business grow.