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14 Feb

The Secret to Smart Marketing Automation, part 3

by Benjiin InfusionSoft


Tracking is key to your success.

(If you haven't read parts one and part two of this series, then click to read them now.)

At first you might be guessing what your prospects and customers want. Your email sequences might be timed very close together, or you may be waiting to ask for the sale until the last part of the sequence. It's important that you track what happens with your follow up sequences and then tweak them to get higher conversions.

If you are getting lots of unsubscribes when you send emails every day, you might want to spread the emails out to once a week. Or you might want to manage the expectations better by saying up front "Daily Tip" so your subscribers know they'll be getting something from you every day. If people are dropping off your list before they get to the offer, you might want to put the offer in the first or second email.

Sometimes a simple sequence works better than a complicated one. It's all up to your customer. They are in control of what happens, and they can end the conversation at any point by just unsubscribing, hanging up the phone, or shredding your direct mail. So, it only makes sense to tailor your follow up sequences to their behavior.

Infusionsoft has tracking built right into the software. Using things like tags and click-through stats, you can measure how successful your sequences are and work to improve conversions. After all, the higher your conversions, the more money you make - without spending more on extra advertising or staff. High converting sequences are like magic money that appears out of nowhere.

To design the perfect sequence, follow the IF/THEN scenario.

IF the prospect calls your office to schedule an appointment after the second email in a sequence, THEN you may need to take them off that sequence and start them on a different sequence of reminders about the appointment. IF they become a customer after the appointment, THEN they need to be added to the customer follow up sequence. IF they don't become a customer, THEN they might need to be added to an aggressive sales sequence or maybe a long-term nurturing sequence that keeps in touch with them but doesn't push too hard. The more IF/THEN scenarios you can think of, the more customer-centric the process will be.

Don't wait for "perfect."

You have to start somewhere, even if your first sequences are simple and don't convert well. The road to improved conversions means tracking your results, tweaking your sequences, and tracking some more. The truth is, you may never reach the "perfect" follow up sequence. But if you continue to monitor and improve, you'll be way ahead of your competitors, and you'll have some very happy customers.

If all of this talk about triggers and actions and sequences is making your head spin, don't worry. We've got your back. You can outsource all your automation planning, Infusionsoft implementation, and sequence copywriting to the experts at AutomationCore.