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02 Apr

The New Infusionsoft is Here – And It’s Awesome!

by Benjiin InfusionSoft


No doubt you've been hearing a lot from Infusionsoft about their new spring release. We've been at the central office in Arizona training on the updated version all last week, and it is an amazing upgrade from the old way of doing things. Their new mantra is "Easy is the New Normal" and it's so true. They have worked so hard to really look at the software from the user's perspective and make it as easy as possible.
Now let's be clear, if you love the old Infusionsoft, you're going to have a bit of an adjustment to make. But once you start using the new interface, we think you'll be really happy with how intuitive everything is now. Here's a quick look at just a few of the improvements we're excited about.

New Campaign Builder - This is the biggest component of the new system. Creating Marketing Automation Plans (MAPs) is much simpler now, so you can really get your vision out of your head and onto the computer. Once you have that MAP, it's simple to see how everything will work inside the Infusionsoft platform. Plus, it's drag and drop. Want to add a followup sequence? Just drag it over, and it's in place. Want to increase the time between emails? Just drag over a timer and set the exact parameters you want. Deliver your autoresponders exactly when you mean to. No more weekend deliveries (unless you want them.) Most everything you need is right there in the campaign builder.

Lead Scoring - The new lead scoring system lets you assign points to every contact based on their behaviors and actions. So you can focus your efforts on your hottest leads first, or assign your best sales reps to the highest priority leads. Right now the lead scoring is based only on tags, but they're working on expanding that soon.

Web Analytics - Analytics is now part of the platform. But not just any old analytics that records only the number of visitors, time on page, etc. Infusionsoft analytics tracks every anonymous visitor to your site. When they purchase from you or somehow enter your funnel, all their visitor behavior is transferred to their contact record. This is huge! You will now be able to tell exactly how that new contact interacted with your website even before they entered your funnel.

Hosted Landing Pages - We're really excited about these new Infusionsoft hosted landing pages. Many users just don't have an IT staff or brother-in-law handy with building web pages, so it's a hassle to build even one new page. Now it's as easy as building an email inside Infusionsoft. You can build separate landing pages for every offer, or every traffic stream, and let Infusionsoft handle the hosting.

There's a whole lot more to the new release. Infusionsoft made us keep quiet about it; but now that they've officially introduced it, we can't wait to finally tell our clients and customers about it.

We're at InfusionCon 2012 all week. If you're there, come say Hi!