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26 Feb

Spend Less Time Setting Appointments (and Make More Money) with Automated Scheduling

by Benjiin InfusionSoft


If you've ever had to play phone or email tag just to schedule an appointment, you know how much time gets wasted in the back-and-forth. It's more than time, though, if you're making sales appointments, conversion opportunities are wasted, too. No one likes the hassle of figuring out the best time to meet. So, it makes sense to automate the process as much as possible.

More time in your schedule

The less time you spend figuring out appointments, the more time you have to actually keep appointments. Which means you have more time for the most important activity in your business - making the money. Automation software makes scheduling completely hands-off. You don't spend the time, and neither does your team, but your customers get exactly what they want - customized service.

More sales in your pocket

When scheduling is easy, your prospects and clients are much more likely to actually make that appointment. And when you get more appointments, you have the opportunity to make more sales. It's important to meet with interested prospects while they're still thinking about your product or service. Don't make them wait. With automated scheduling, they can click to set an appointment right from an email, website or blog. It moves them along the funnel faster, which results in higher conversions.

TimeTrade automation provides a self-serve solution

The best solution I've found for scheduling automation is TimeTrade. No matter what business you're in, if you make appointments, TimeTrade will increase your productivity.

You get online or mobile scheduling for you, your clients, prospects, and team members. Potential customers can choose their own appointments from your website or blog. And email appointments are easy because TimeTrade integrates seamlessly with Outlook and Google Calendars. You can even customize the look with your company branding.

Retail stores can benefit by streamlining customer service, setting up personal shopping experiences and private sales, and turning online browsers into in-store traffic. Imagine a customer seeing one of your products on their cell phone, clicking to set an appointment, and then walking into your store to meet with a sales representative ready to serve them. It's a better experience for the customer and easier on the sales staff, too.

TimeTrade offers three different package options depending on how you plan to use the service, as an individual, a small team or a large corporation. It does cost a modest yearly fee, but the amount of time saved and additional customers served means it pays for itself very quickly. You can even try it out for 30 days free.

Learn more about TimeTrade here.