The AutomationCore Story

Save Time.

Our story begins with a team of daring web consultants on a
mission to find a solution to their marketing problems.

We found Infusionsoft & fell in love.


Our problem was that each member of our team had visions of marketing systems they wanted to implement, but we were all operating at different technical levels. We tried CRM systems like SalesForce, SalesBoom, SugarCRM and more — but they were incomplete. We tried email marketing systems like Vertical Response, Constant Contact, iContact and Aweber, but those were also incomplete. Finally, we found Infusionsoft — a system to automate ALL our marketing needs. We can't say it was love at first sight; there was a learning curve. But at last our whole team could work with the same system.

We introduced Infusionsoft to our clients & they fell in love, too.

Our clients had similar problems with differing levels of comfort with technology and budget limitations. Some were spending a fortune using many systems at once. They were frustrated that they couldn't automate and expand their online marketing the way they wanted to. Once we started using Infusionsoft with our clients, things got easier. Everything was centralized in one place, with one affordable monthly fee.

As guides for our clients, we helped them past the ‘confusion’ of Infusion.


Once we mastered the system and became Infusionsoft experts, we began teaching it to our clients. Eventually we became certified Infusionsoft automation coaches and began helping clients with implementation and design concepts. They learned the system so much faster with a personal guide helping them integrate the software into their everyday operations. Their productivity skyrocketed.

We started building custom solutions & integrations for ourselves & our clients.


Over time, even Infusionsoft became limited. Our clients had ideas for features it didn't have, so we created them. We started building add-ons, plugins and extensions for our needs and our clients' needs. Our development team mastered the Infusionsoft API so they can now customize the system any way they can imagine.

Our clients told us we should release some of our custom solutions as products, so we did.


We can't say it was love at first sight, because it was a new concept and as a nerd, our initial thought process was, "we can build all these fuctions our selves." But soon it was clear, for the marketing (non-technical) people, this gave them to make huge leaps in internet marketing and automation without having to wait for the technical team every time they got an idea.

Word spread fast. We started building more features & time-saving products.


The word about WebinarCore spread like wildfire. More and more people signed up to use it everyday. The feedback was amazing from day one, and people encouraged us to build more. So, we looked at our list of what we wished Infusionsoft could do, and got busy building.

Word spread fast. We started building more features & time-saving products.


Our products are continually improving because we listen and respond to our clients' needs. For example, one of our early products, Infusion Gmail, had basic functionalities including primitive email syncing and sidebars. Since then we've added dozens of additional features to the product, and we continue to listen to our clients' problems and come up with ways to solve them. We revamped our support systems, too. So our clients get the support they need faster.


Our company grew while our family experienced similar growth & success.

While our automation business was growing, our other two companies were also growing independently. ClickCore is an ROI focused web development company for large and small businesses looking to improve their online marketing. ConversionCore is a high-end consulting firm for medium to large businesses that want to improve their sales funnels and conversion rates. ConversionCore has literally made millions of dollars for its clients.

We changed our name to AutomationCore.


Eventually, we saw the benefits of bringing all three businesses under one umbrella. So we changed our parent company to MorrisCore and set up consistent integrated "core" branding for all three companies - ClickCore, ConversionCore and AutomationCore. AutomationCore's products got big upgrades and joined the "core" family too: GmailCore, eSyncCore, and WebinarCore all serving to save people time and automate more every day.

But, it’s not the end ... the story continues...