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21 Mar

New Features For Infusionsoft Gmail Integration

by Benjiin InfusionSoft


It's been a crazy few months here at AutomationCore, getting ready to release our major upgrade for GmailCore. Our team's been hard at work programming in lots of awesome new features to help make your sidebar better than ever. Our goal is to save you time and help you be more efficient with Infusionsoft. You told us what you wanted for improvements, and a lot of them have been integrated into this upgrade. Thank you for your suggestions, support, and enthusiasm.

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Here's what's new in GmailCore:

New look and feel - We've spent a lot of time performing usability testing to get the best functionality and to match Gmail's new look. The new interface is easier to use and more efficient than ever.

Chrome support - You know Chrome is one of the fastest browsers for Mac and Windows. Lots of you emailed us requesting Chrome for the sidebar, and we're happy to comply. GmailCore now works seamlessly in Chrome.

Improved contact retrieval - We've improved our algorithm for sidebar contact loading to be more reliable, more often. Plus, now when you hover over any contact in an email, the sidebar will automatically load the record, or prefill an add contact form. You can do this right from your inbox; you don't even have to open the email.

Google Calendar Sync - This is a big feature frequently requested by users. It's finally here - a true integration of Google calendar and Infusionsoft. You can easily edit events, tasks and appointments from Google calendar, link to contact records from Google calendar, and edit contacts from within Google calendar using our sidebar integration.

Manage tags - You could always add and edit contact tags in the sidebar, but now you can create new tags inside Infusionsoft and add them to the contact using the sidebar.

Custom fields - You can now view, edit, and add custom fields from Infusionsoft. Almost any field is possible, standard or ones you created.

Opportunities - You can now view, add, and edit opportunities in the sidebar, including changing stages and activating stage triggers. This will be a huge timesaver for sales teams.

Apply Action Sets - Now you can easily apply an action set (a group of Infusionsoft actions) to any contact with a simple click. This saves a lot of time on common practices.  If you commonly apply several marketing items to a contact (tags, sequences, etc.) now you can do it in one click with an action set from the sidebar. You can even apply Infusionsoft automation features not previously available in the sidebar using action sets (like task templates, opportunity templates, communicate with your server through posts, etc.)

Secondary emails - We now have improved functionality when searching from sidebar or loading a contact into sidebar. The algorithm now searches through secondary email fields (email2, email3) as well.

Easier exclusions - You can now manage sidebar load exclusions from your settings or quickly from the sidebar.

Follow up sequence improvements - In addition to the ability to add or remove follow up sequences, you can now pause or resume active sequences, as well.

Administrator setting improvements - For administrators, you can now access your admin settings directly from your sidebar settings. Also, previously each user would have to activate and set up their email sync settings. Now, you can set up email syncs as an admin for your users from within your admin settings.


  • We fixed 8 small bugs reported by customers (thank you!)
  • The system now syncs with secondary email addresses.
  • The system displays "to and from" colors correctly in Infusionsoft.
  • You have the ability to exclude someone from future syncs quickly from the sidebar.

PREVIOUS FEATURE UPGRADES (that you may not know about)

  • Select an owner for the contact when adding a new contact.
  • Update basic contact information directly from the sidebar (instead of "go to record")
  • Open "go to person" link in a new tab.



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