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15 Jan

How to Sell Products and Services With Infusionsoft eCommerce Solutions

by Benjiin InfusionSoft


No matter what business you're in, at some point you're probably going to want to sell your products or services online. It's just not practical to take orders over the phone or through the mail exclusively anymore. People expect to see some sort of purchasing opportunity on your website.

Considering every business is unique and you may need lots of different ways for people to buy from you, setting up an order page or a whole eCommerce website can be a daunting task. Fortunately, Infusionsoft gives you five ways to sell online, and it's possible to mix and match according to your needs. Best of all, the eCommerce components of Infusionsoft merge seamlessly with their CRM, email marketing and automation components. This kind of sophisticated automation means you can sell and provide follow up like a huge company, even if you're not.

Let's take a look at the five ways you can sell online with Infusionsoft.

Manual Entry -- This is the easiest method to set up. You simply enter the payment details for each transaction by hand. For example, if you take orders by phone and you collect all the order and payment details on a piece of paper. You or an assistant would simply do the data entry necessary to get the order into the Infusionsoft engine. This method is the least automated, but works great if you don't get frequent orders, you're accepting orders at a live event, or if every order has a different price.

Online Order Forms -- These are just web forms your customer fills out online including things like purchase details, shipping, and payment information. The entire transaction can happen automatically, which is great for productivity. Infusionsoft gives you the capability to use order forms for one-time purchases or ongoing subscriptions, and you can even give free or reduced-price trial periods.

2 Types of Online Stores -- There are two parts to an online store environment, the storefront and the shopping cart. The storefront is where your product pictures and descriptions live, and the shopping cart is where items are held for purchase and checkout. Both pieces need to work together to complete a transaction. Depending on how complicated your operation is, and whether you are already up and running with a fully functional eCommerce site, you have two options inside Infusionsoft. You can use your existing storefront and add the Infusionsoft shopping cart components. Or you can use both the storefront and cart from Infusionsoft. Either way, you have the freedom to customize the look and feel of both parts, so your customer has a seamless experience. Furthermore, all your customer data is stored in the CRM side so you can automate upsells and follow ups.

API Programming -- If you're not prepared to do some heavy programming, this option probably isn't for you. An API is simply a way for one program to "talk" to other programs. Both sides need to have an API -- Infusionsoft and your other piece of software. This option may be right for you if you already have a sophisticated eCommerce operation set up and you don't want to start from scratch in order to use the other Infusionsoft marketing automation features.

You can also mix and match to create a custom eCommerce experience.

It's not necessary to settle for just one option for your online business. It's possible you may need a storefront for certain products, order forms for other products, and manual entry for your high-end service contracts. With Infusionsoft you can feel free to customize your website with exactly the right mix of sales engines for your business.

Need help planning or setting up your sales machine? We're here for you.